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Harassment, rape, the sale of women's bodies for human parts, and forced prostitution are all common experiences for women in this patriarchal society. It's common in our culture to point the finger at women but never at men. City lovely is not immune to the growing problem of forced prostitution and other forms of human flesh trade. Some partake because they believe it's essential to an extravagant way of life, while for others, it's a means to an end. We'll be discussing Chandigarh's red light districts today.

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The city of beauty is steadily becoming a hub for the growing flesh trade that is afflicting the country at large. The tribune claims that prostitution has sprung up in and around 22 villages in Chandigarh, and that this situation needs to be addressed before it develops into a major prostitute hub, as has happened in Mumbai and Delhi. There is no such thing as a "red light district," like New Delhi's Garstin Bastion Road or Mumbai's Kamathipura, but rather there are just some neighbourhoods where prostitution is common. Yet, the media and newspaper reports indicate that this trade is still occurring in some parts of Chandigarh. Suspicion of human trafficking in places like: Location in the Manimajra Region, Mohali Cemetery located in the greenbelt region of sector 45, between the villages of Teera, Tonga, and Jhaampur, Sector 61 Kajheri Sector 42 Attawa.

Many villagers in UT own guesthouses from of which they organize the trade in human flesh. Due to their financial desperation, many poor females have become victims of sexual assault. Girls who want and need a privileged lifestyle are also involved. Girls can be had for 3,000–15,000 INR thanks to the organizers.

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